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Pet Nail Polisher Electric Manicure USB Cleaning Supplies – shoppingdirect24.com
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შინაური ცხოველების ფრჩხილის გამწმენდი ელექტრო მანიკური USB საწმენდი საშუალებები

რეგულარული ფასი € 37,52



Our Nail Trimmer Is Equipped With An Ultra-Quiet But Powerful Motor. It Gently Removes Thin Layers Of The Nail With Minimal Noise (Under 50db) And Vibration So That Sensitive Pets Won't Be Anxious Or Scared.
Stays Cool:
Special Coated Pet-Friendly Grinder Rotates At Just The Right Gentle Speed, Preventing Friction Burn.
Usb Charging:
No Need To Fumble Around For Batteries As It's USB Rechargeable With Up To 5 Hours Of Continuous Use.
No More Over-Cutting:
Our Nail Trimmer Slowly Trims Away The Layers Of Your Dog's Nails. No More Worries About Over-Cutting, Nasty Pains Or Bleeding.
მარტივი გაწმენდა:
To Clean Your Trimmer, Just Use A Soft Wet Towel And Gently Brush Away Any Nail Dust.



Battery: Bulit-In Battery

დატენვის რეჟიმი: USB დატენვა

Charging Time: 1.5 Hours

ელემენტის გამძლეობა: 7 საათი

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